Getting to Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth lies on the shores of Cardigan Bay, in Mid-Wales. It takes a bit of time to get here, but the scenery is so lovely, you will barely notice the time flying.

First, please read the advice of Aberystwyth University on getting here.

Some comments on those suggestions:

  • Cardiff Airport has few international flights, and is difficult to access: you need local transport to Cardiff Central, then a long train journey. Not the most convenient
  • the website doesn’t mention it, but Manchester Airport is rather easy to access – not as much as Birmingham, but easier than London Airports. You should have 4 hours of train from the airport, usually with two changes. See the National Rail website
  • Gatwick Airport: I would suggest you don’t follow the advice on the website. Getting down and up on the subway can be difficult. Instead, take a train from Gatwick Airport to Saint Pancras station. From St Pancras, you can walk in about 15 minutes to Euston Station, from where the London/Birmingham/Aberystwyth train connection departs
  • Stansted Airport: you can take a direct bus from Stansted to St Pancras, then the same route as for Gatwick
  • Bus: there are direct buses on National Express and on Megabus from London to Aberystwyth. If you buy well in advance, these can be very cheap. Please check your arrival times, particularly for Megabus, as it can be very late in the night