Preliminary program

Preliminary program, Borders and Crossings, Aberystwyth (10-12 July 2017)

Monday July 10th

11:00-13:00 Registration and Light lunch

12:30-13:00 Welcome (welcome talks, housekeeping announcements)

13:00-14:30 Panels 1-2

Panel 1: Iberia

Gryspeerdt, Juliet (University of Nottingham), ‘The forgotten ‘Orient’ in the writing of travellers to Portugal

Drace-Francis, Alex (University of Amsterdam): ‘Recycling Romantic Spain: A Romanian traveller’s Spanish notebook and the “lens of prior reading”’

Wood, Jennifer (Aberystwyth University): ‘Title TBC’

Panel 2: Creative Frontiers

Lindh, Ilona (University of Helsinki): ‘From travelling to narration: non-fictional travelogues by Antti Tuuri’

Croft, Joanna (LJMU): ‘Swimming and Dreaming were Becoming Indistinguishable”(Deakin): Being Elsewhere in The Chassezac River’

Hannigan, Tim (University of Leicester): ‘Travel writing on the creative-critical frontier: criticising practice, actioning criticism’

14.30-15.00 Coffee break

15:00-16:30: Panels 3 and 4

Panel 3: Poland and Polish Travel Literature

Moroz, Grzegorz (University of Bialystok): ‘Key Differences and Similarities Between Anglophone and Polish Travel Writing: A Generic Perspective’

Oźarska, Magdalena (Jan Kochanowski University Kielce): ‘Documenting 19th-century Italian Tours: the cases of Mary Shelley and Łucja Rautenstarchowa’

Białas, Zbigniew (University of Silesia Katowice): ‘In Grajewo – Rita Sackville-West reporting on a Polish revolution’

Panel 4: Writing Domestic Travel

Byrne, Angela (Ulster University): ‘Wales Coded and Decoded in John Lee’s Walking Tour, August 1806’

Kinsley, Zoe (Liverpool Hope): ‘“Chained to this horrid rock”: Richard Ayton and William Daniell, and the Lonely Lives of Lighthousemen’

Ian Fookes (University of Auckland), ‘Cartes Postales by Chantal Spitz: Disrupting the casual pursuit of myth in French Polynesia’

Break, walk/transport down to Old College

17:30 (Old College) Plenary 1: Mary-Ann Constantine (University of Wales CAWCS): Title TBC

Drinks reception, exhibition visit. Informal dinner

Tuesday July 11th

9:30-11 Panels 5 and 6

Panel 5: Addressing Exoticism

Budasz, Sarah (University of Durham): ‘”Un pays retrouvé”: The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Flaubert’s Travel to the Orient’

Tuninetti, Angel T. (University of West Virginia), ‘Challenging Stereotypes: South America in Negley Farson’s Transgressor in the Tropics’

Basilone, Linetto (University of Auckland), ‘Italian Travel Narratives on Twentieth Century China: Alterity, Distance and Self-Identification’


Panel 6: Early Modern Mentalities 1

Giosuè, Daniela (Università degli Studi della Tuscia of Viterbo), ‘Ars Apodemica for Scientists: Sir Andrew Balfour’s Letters to a Friend on a Tour to France and Italy’

Szwach, Agnieszka (Jan Kochanowski University Kielce) : ‘English Travellers in Poland of 16th and 17th century’

Coward, Adam (independent scholar): ‘The Influence of Itinerant Preaching on Edmund Jones’s Relation of Apparitions of Spirits’

11-11.30 Coffee Break

11:30-12 :30 Panels 7 and 8

Panel 7: Inventing Tourism

Urosevic, Natasa (University of Pula) : ‘Creating Mediterranean Paradise on the Imperial Riviera : Media representations of the Adriatic in the first travel magazines’

Forsdick, Charles (University of Liverpool): ‘Voyage autour du monde avec Jojo et Louisette: ephemera, postcolonial journeys and the afterlives of empire’

Panel 8: Early Modern Mentalities 2

Maczelka, Csaba (University of Pécs): ‘The uses of Travel and Utopia in early modern Transylvania’

Hanczakowski, Michal (Palacky University): ‘Between evidentia and ekphrasis. Rhetorical framework of early modern travel writing’

12.30-14.00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Panels 9 and 10

Panel 9: Wales and Bretagne

Williams, Heather (University of Wales CAWCS): ‘Travel writing as a lens on Wales/Brittany cultural exchanges’

Jones, Kathryn N. (Swansea University): ‘For Brittany, see Wales: Breton travellers’ visions and views of Wales, 1946-2014’

Panel 10: Extra-European Travellers

Toivonen, Anna-Leena (Université de Liège): ‘African Travellers and Tourism in Europe: Bernard Dadié’s La ville où nul ne meurt (Rome) (1968) and Pap Khouma’s I Was an Elephant Salesman (1990/2010)’

Ozawa, Shizen (Tamkang University Taiwan): ‘On M. G. Vassanji’s No New Land’

15.00-15.30 Coffee Break

15:30-17 Panels 11 and 12

Panel 11: Women’s Writing Examined

Hagglund, Betty (Woodbrooke Quaker Studies Centre): ‘Female authors, male editors: the shaping of a seventeenth-century travel text’

Lidström, Carina (Örebro University): ‘Ulterior Motives: A Discussion of Three Swedish 19th-Century Women’s Travelogues’

Szołtysek, Julia (University of Silesia): ‘Between ‘the me that leaves and the me that returns’: Gertrude Bell’s Persian Gateways and Walls’

Panel 12: Politicians on the Road

Gelléri, Gabor (Aberystwyth): The Diplomat and the Art of Travel: ‘ars prudentia’ in the 18th century

Kostova, Ludmilla (Veliko Trnovo), ‘Celebrity travel with a political slant: the destinies of nations and empires through the eyes of Lord and Lady Strangford’

Bliesemann de Guevara, Berit (Aberystwyth): ‘”Going to see for oneself”: the “situation on the ground” and the question of authenticity in politicians’ travel’

19:30 Conference Dinner – Medina Restaurant



Wednesday 12th (Old College) (4+4)

9:30-10:30 Panels 13 and 14

Panel 13: In the Mountains

Singer, Rita (Bangor University): ‘“Weather very hazy’: notes from the Snowdon visitors’ book”

Westaway, Jonathan (University of Central Lancashire): ‘Prisoners of the hills: mountaineering narratives by prisoners of war and interned enemy aliens from World War Two’

Panel 14: Around Hester Piozzi

Edwards, Elizabeth (University of Wales CAWCS): ‘”Mixing Misery … with Magnificence”: Hester Piozzi’s home tourism’

Morganella, Tina (University of Adelaide): ‘Me, myself and the Other – Self-reflexivity in the travel writing of Hester Thrale Piozzi and Jan Morris’

10:30-11 Coffee Break

11:00-12:00 Panel 15 – Class privilege?

Walchester, Kathryn (LJMU): ‘Travelling and class ‘“Among those fine mountains,”: Helen Maria Williams and an exiled Femme de Chambre’

Nicolson, Donald J. (independent scholar): ‘Travel and the academic conference’

12-12.15 Short Break

12:15-13:30 Plenary 2: Wendy Bracewell (University College London) – Title TBC

13.30 Light lunch and farewell